Job Description

­­­Title:  Part-time Medical Assistant

Medical Assistants work under the license of the Provider (MD, DO, PA-C and NP). Medical Assistants may only perform the duties they are qualified to perform based on their certification, experience, comfort level, and under the scope of practice of the medical clinic.


  • Provide Medical Assistant services at the clinic for a minimum of 20 hours per week
  • Work in a collaborative team environment to help enhance the health and well-being of RRCC students
  • Assist with college events, promotions for the clinic, educational presentations hosted by the clinic, and other work sponsored events by either:
    • ) Providing coverage in the clinic, or,
    • ) Participating in said event as a representative of the clinic
  • Provide vacation coverage for the FT Medical Assistant
  • Cover sick time for FT Medical Assistant
  • Adherence to all HIPPA and FERPA laws
  • Knowledge, compliance, and adherence to OSHA and Blood Borne Pathogens training
  • Knowledge and use of CCCS and RRCC software including Banner, CashNet, and Microsoft Office
  • Maintenance of Certified Medical Assistant licensure and certifications (BLS, First Aid, etc.) via CME prior to the expiration date of said license/certification

The duties that will be performed include:

            Back Office/Medical Duties

  • Take and record full vital signs including temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiration rate, pulse oximetry, and chart information accurately
  • In-house lab testing: Rapid Strep, Rapid Flu, Mono Spot, Rapid pylori, urine analysis, and urine pregnancy test
  • Perform venipuncture and collection of laboratory samples
  • Process all lab tests and specimens accurately
  • Collect urine samples, use urinalysis machine, and report results to provider
  • Check blood sugar using Glucometer and report results to provider
  • Perform quality checks on Urinalysis machine and Glucometer
  • Call back patients regarding test results when appropriate
  • Take critical lab results over the phone and report to the provider
  • Set up and assist provider with minor procedures and Well Women Exams
  • Monitor vaccinations including ordering, inventory, safety precautions, and recording refrigerator temperatures
  • Administer vaccines, flu shots, and TB tests
  • Dispose of biohazard materials and sharps containers to designated college site
  • Knowledge, compliance, and adherence to OSHA and Blood Borne Pathogens training
  • During a medical emergency: Identify medical emergency, notify provider, activate EMS if necessary, and assist provider as directed

Front Office Duties for MA

  • Assist with oversight of the Clerical Assistant in daily duties
  • Triage patients and answer medical questions within MA scope of practice for patients who present at the desk or on the phone
  • The MA is responsible for knowing and performing all duties that the Clerical Assistant performs for Behavioral Health and Student Health:
  • Operation and use of all office equipment
  • Answer phone calls
  • Schedule patient visits and follow up appointments
  • Check student eligibility using Banner
  • Oversee the check in process and paperwork for all patients including presentation of the Privacy Policy
  • Prepare medical charts daily: print, photocopy, fax, labeling, etc.
  • Process payments for procedures, tests, and vaccinations using CashNet
  • Call patients for appointment reminders
  • Collect data (as designated by the Clinical Director) prior to filing all charts
  • Complete filing of charts and other documents as needed